black-and-whiteMy name is R.D. Hayes. I was born on December 7, 1984 and live in Oklahoma, United States and have spent years writing for the internet and developing blogs online. I use to earn a nice chunk of change from writing and still would if it weren’t for a disorder that I have which has kept me from doing what I love. I still write, just not as much as I use to.

I married in December of 2008, have four children, and two step-children. I also somehow adopted a pit bull named Bella, a momma cat named Princess, and her kitten name Naked. Please don’t ask why the kitten’s name is naked.

I was a single mother for a while and I suffered through the death of my step-son Gaje at the hand’s of someone else when he was six year’s old. I had also separated from my husband, but we reconciled and couldn’t be happier.

I majored in Political Science with a minor in Psychology. I love to read and study human behavior. I want to know what makes people do the things they do. I have trouble concentrating due to the medication I am on and my writing often suffers due to it. I try my best and apologize if I slip from time to time.

Due to my disorder, I can no longer afford an editor and it takes longer for me to edit my work and I sometimes do not catch every mistake. I do my best, and I smile when my readers catch my mistakes for me.

The hardest part of being me is knowing I use to be a damn good writer and then I woke up one day and could verily write at all.