Accepting Writers on Your Personal FaceBook Profile

By: benstein

When Facebook first showed itself to the public, I did what most did and added my dearest friends and family. As my professional writing career took off, I met with hundreds of journalists along the way who threw me a friend request on Facebook. It took little to convince me that this was an excellent idea, I mean, why wouldn’t it be? Facebook is a great way to get to know people from around the globe and to distribute valuable information.

How I use Facebook as a Writer 

Like most authors on FB, I have a professional Facebook Page and a personal Facebook profile. I use my FB Page to distribute articles I produce or share content I believe my fans would find fascinating. Unlike my fan page, I used my personal profile to share my point of view and thoughts, and I also share ideas from my professional page and share items from other writers and they return the favor.

Why adding other writers to my personal FB profile was a bad idea

Over the years, I got to work with hundreds of professional writers. Over time, I’ve seen some of those same professionals argue online with their family, go through divorces, talk unprofessional about people, I’m sure anyone who reads this gets the point. FB allowed me to see people I once admired in a different way.

This doesn’t change how they write, but it makes what they are writing not as exact when they contradict themselves often within their Facebook profile. Writers been bullying other writers on social media sites for a long time. Not all of them are like this. Facebook has helped me connect with a few freelance writers which I never could have before since I lived far from many of them.

What does this mean for writers?

Always exercise discretion while dealing with social media. An individual should assume everything on the internet is public even if they placed their profile to private. Tempers are best left off of social media. This doesn’t mean your opinion doesn’t matter, but learn to pick your battles.


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