How to Change the Global Default Fonts and Line Spacing in Scrivener for Windows and Mac

I’ve been trying to figure out the quickest ways to use Scrivener without wasting time. As a writer, the more time I waste jacking with things like the font or line spacing, the less time I can spend on writing my books. Every time I wanted to write I would have to fix my font style, text size, or line spacing. I hadn’t the time to go through the courses for Scrivener and most of them cost money. I had already dished out enough money for the program, so why should I have to pay extra to learn to use it?

There are plenty of YouTube videos that can also help, but none of which were straight to the point, and this was also a waste of time. If you want something quick, here it is. I will show you how to do this with Scrivener in Windows and on the Mac.

Changing Your Font Style and Size in Microsoft Windows

Open your Scrivener in Windows and click on Tools > Options > Editor. This will take you to where you can change the font size and font color in Scrivener. there are other things you can do inside of it, but this will override the entire program so you don’t have to keep changing it every time you want to use the system.

Changing Your Font Size and Style on Scrivener for Mac

If you are using a Mac, the global defaults are in the preferences tab and you will can see this from the photos below. Click on the Scrivener link at the top left corner next to the Apple icon. After you do this, follow the steps below the photo.

Now that the preferences is open, along the top panel will be a big A (formatting) click on this. The Formatting will allow you to choose how you want things to formatted when you type. *Make sure you click inside the editor where it says “Good writers have two things in common” before you click on Use formatting in Current Editor. It is a stupid default they added, but if you don’t click in this, it will remain grayed out and won’t do a darn thing.

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