Getting Started with SnapChat

SnapChat is a picture-based chatting app much like Twitter and FaceBook, but the users can send each other responses in picture form, conversations via text, and through video. This is a quick SnapChat getting started guide.

Getting Started

Downloading the SnapChat App

  • IPhone and iPad: Open the App Store and search for SnapChat, tap Get, and tap Install.

  • Android: Open Play Store and search for SnapChat, tap Install.
  • Open SnapChat: Open SnapChat by clicking on it. It is the yellow app with a white ghost
  • Tap Sign Up

  1. This will prompt you to sign up for an account if you don’t already have one. Signing up is easy and only takes a few seconds.
  2. While creating an account you will be asked for your name, email address, birthday, and mobile number, and then prompted to create a password.
  3. An SMS will be sent to your phone to verify your phone number. Verification of your phone will allow you to reset your password, but is not required to have an account.
  4. SnapChat will show you a series of images and ask you to select the them; this is to make sure you are not a bot. Once you have done this, tap “continue”.
By: Ted Murphy


Adding Friends on SnapChat

Adding someone to your Snapchat lets you view their public story and lets you send and receive Snaps to and from the individual, but the other person must add you back to view friends-only stories.
There are users who do not allow Snaps from users that they have not added back. If you send a Snap to someone who hasn’t added you back, chances are that you will see “Pending” until your friend request is approved by them.

  • Importing Friends from contact list (optional)SnapChat can locate friends within your contact list and add them to your SnapChat, or you can skip this step by tapping “continue” and then “not allow”.


  • Friends by Usernames. If you know a friend’s username, you can add them by it. SnapChat won’t allow you to add someone by email, real name, or phone number unless this person is already in your contacts and has enabled address book matching in their SnapChat settings.

Open your profile and options by swiping down anywhere on the SnapChat camera screen. Tap on “Add Friends”. Tap “Add by Username” and enter the username of the person you want to add. Once you start typing, different usernames will appear. Once you see the username you want to add, click on the + sign next to the right username to add the friend to your list.

  • Adding People by Snapcode. Snapcodes are codes created by SnapChat to quickly add a person using your camera.

Once a person has created a Snapcode using SnapChat, you can take a photo or point your SnapChat camera at their Snapcode. Swipe down on the camera screen and tap on “add friends”, then tap “add by Snapcode”. Select the image which contains the Snapcode you want to add. The owner of the Snapcode will quickly be added to your list of friends.

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