Month: June 2008

Should you fake your own comments?

I wrote a post on this before my blog erupted into flames and everything was lost. I rebuilt my blog since the server crashed and I thought about writing another post on this so that more of you could see the idea behind doing this. A couple of years ago I came across a blog…

By R.D. Hayes 2008-06-27 0

Paypal Account was Hacked

I recently received a phone call from paypal asking me to verify a few of teh transactions that were placed on my account yesterday. I knew right then that something was up since I misplaced my paypal debit card and hadn’t made any recent transactions from it. I use my PayPal account a lot so…

By R.D. Hayes 2008-06-10 0

Making money at home

I recently ran into a blog at Wise Bread that offered many ways that you can work from home using your computer. I listened and learned many ways that you can make this possible. For instance; Craigslist was mentioned on the blog so I went and checked it out. I found a few jobs that would allow you to…

By R.D. Hayes 2008-06-07 0