Month: August 2008

Build a List For Free Using Twitter

Today I read an interesting message left by Croydon at a social site that I am a member of about using Twitter to build a list. The post was unclear and only left a few details as to what it was actually hoping to gain so I thought I would clarify this for you. Building a list…

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Journey to a Top Blogger

Today I am driving down the road with my family on the long stretch of highway in Oklahoma headed back towards the city after picking the kids up from their grandparent’s house. It has been a long trip but it has also given me time to think about what all I want for Gaje Master…

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World’s Oldest Facebook Member

Facebook has been a long time friend of mine since I learned that you could use it to gather information on the web from a personal perspective from others. I often used MySpace to gather information but when I learned that many more of my associates were on Facebook I had to learn more about…

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Blog Traffic by Editing Your Old Post

Blog traffic is one of the most important things to a blogger. Without blog traffic your blog would pretty much be a dead sea of topics. In order to get blog traffic there are different methods that you could use and this is only one of them. I use this method of blog traffic to draw attention to my new and older…

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Blog Your Way With Sticky Notes

I know that the internet has come up with some really cool things to help bloggers out like the google notebook and other items that you can add to such browsers as FireFox but for me, there is nothing better than using sticky notes. Yes, you heard me correctly, sticky notes. I am like a…

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Blogging to School

School has started and this means that there is a larger demand of me as a mother and teacher. I am not a school teacher but a teacher that teaches my children. I took blogging to school one day when I decided to volunteer for my Kindergartner’s class. What I mean by this is that…

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