Month: September 2008

How Many Post Should I Write?

I was recently contacted by a friend who was starting a blog. My friend asked me how many posts he needed to write before seeking out traffic to his blog. I studied traffic for a while and have started to rebuild this blog so that it could be a lot better and draw more traffic…

By R.D. Hayes 2008-09-23 0

Getting Content for Your Blog

We all know how frustrating that it can be to want to write but can’t think of anything to write about. I have been there before and so has the many other bloggers in this world. I am always thinking of things that will help people out and open doors for them in their blogging…

By R.D. Hayes 2008-09-04 0

Top 10 Blog Traffic Tips

In every bloggers life comes a special day – the day they first launch a new blog. Now unless you went out and purchased someone else’s blog chances are your blog launched with only one very loyal reader – you. Maybe a few days later you received a few hits when you told your sister,…

By R.D. Hayes 2008-09-01 0