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2014 R.D. Hayes

About R.D. Hayes (Short Version)


R.D. Hayes began writing professionally in 2006 when she first published an article for an online company. She has written thousands of articles as a freelance writer, ghost writer, and both blogger and guest blogger. Her carer as a writer doesn't stop here. She has also written books and worked for both Yahoo! as a Content Producer and Associated Content where she won the 2007 People's Media Award.


While working for Associated Content, she was able to travel with a media pass and gain access to write news articles as a journalist. It was during her time with Associated Content that she decided to branch out and write for other companies such as Helium, Constant Content, HubPages, and many others.

She has studied human behavior, politial science, and psychology.

Security Offier R.D. Hayes

Yes I know, I'm too small to be a Security Officer. Just wait until you see my next uniform. I worked security for most of my adult life. My dad retired as a Correction Officer  and I wanted to be like him for a long time. I'm not sure why I thought being a Secuirty Guard was similar, because they are nothing alike. The pay isn't even the same.

My Story (the long version)

I became a published author when I was in the second grade, problem was that I didn't get credit for it. Our family lived with another family who fostered a seventh grader. This seventh grader had a competition for best writer, and their story would be entered into the California newspaper if it won. She plagarized my story and then won.

Her foster mom bragged the day she won and began showing the paper off to my dad who began reading it. He then ran to my room and grabbed my notebook with the original story and showed the foster mom. She made the little girl tell the school and they had the paper retract the story . I never got credit as the original author, but it does make for a cool story.

Little did we know, this would be the beginning of a life long career in writing. Sure, I had plenty of jobs, but none of them have been as rewarding as my writing career has been.

Hayes - Florence

Yes, I've worn this uniform too. I enlisted in January of 2011, and as of today I am currently enlisted in the reserves. I love being in the military, although I hate being away from my family. My dad served in the Army during the Vietnam Era, but was discharged for medical reasons.