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Another Word for Breath, Breathe, Inhale, Exhale


Breath, Breathe, Inhale, and Exhale are boring words. Let’s try to find a replacement for them. Let’s spice things up and make it your own. Some of these synonyms for breath will work in its place while others will need to change the entire sentence to make sense.

  • Air: I couldn’t breathe – I gasped for air.
  • Wind: I took in a deep breath – The wind filled my lungs.
  • Puff: My breaths were exaggerated – I puff with exaggeration.
  • Sigh: She exhaled. – She let out a sigh.
  • Whisper: He exhaled as he lay dying. – There wasn’t a whisper of air as he lay dying.
  • Gasp: I took a sharp breath. – I gasped.
  • Wheeze: After the long run, she inhaled. – After the long run, she wheezed.
  • Blast: She exhaled.–A blast of air came from her lungs.
  • Pant: The boy stopped out of breath and placed his hands on his knees.–The boy stopped, painting, as he rested his hands on his knees.
  • Flutter: He whispered barely like a breath of wind.–He whispered like a flutter of wind.
  • Moment: He had to stop for breath.–He had to stop for a moment.
  • Expel: Air exhaled from his lungs.- Air expelled from his lungs.
  • Wind: She was breathless.–She had no wind.
  • Stunning: It was breathtaking.–It was stunning.
  • Whiff:
  • Sigh:
  • Break:
  • Hint:
  • Mouthful:
  • Snort:
  • Snuffle:
  • Lungful:
  • Smell:
  • Gasp: Having difficulty breathing.–Gasping for air.
  • Excite: That makes one hold one’s breath.–She is excited.
  • Gulp:
  • Pause:
  • Gust:
  • Blow:
  • Pant:

Can you think of anymore words to replace breath, breathe, inhale, and exhale?


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