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Article Writing; a few tips for newbies

Article writing is one of the most common ways for people to try to make money online and from home. There are article writers everywhere doing their best to try and make themselves known to the world within the web, also known as the internet. Article writing use to be easy since the competition was slim but, ever since the boom of the internet, there are thousands upon thousands of people claiming to be article writers or who have at least dabbled in article writing.

Article writing; write what you know

This use to be my favorite quote that I would hear so many article writers say. It was like a ringing in my ears, and something that new writers would say to other writers; write what you know. Yes, writing what you know will help you to dish out more personal articles or articles for your own personal blogs or websites, but it’s not going to get you anywhere if you are trying to be a serious article writer and make the big bucks.

Back in 2011, I started dabbling in article writing more than usual. I wanted to get my name known for more than this small time writer who only told stories of her personal life or about things related to her personal life. I wanted to make the big bucks. I found a few sites that would allow me to write articles but these articles were on things that they, the customer, chose. This was not new to me at all but it was my first experience with picky clients. These clients were sometimes ruthless; they wanted articles written a certain way, on a certain topic, and everything had to be a certain way. I found out what real research was all about.

If you plan to be a real article writer, you better get use to researching instead of just writing what you know. Start learning how to do quick research and always save that information so that you can cite your sources.

First person, second person, third person, am I a real person?

I am a true story teller and you can even see this in a lot of my articles. I had a bad habit of going back and forth between first person and third person; it was as though I didn’t know who I really wanted to talk to. I started writing better articles after I realized that I was writing for an audience, not one or two individuals, but an entire world.

Don’t stop writing articles no matter how bad it gets

I have to admit that sometimes my grammar is way off and the grammar police usually get me. When I first became an article writer, I had two of my articles rejected by one company and three by another. I was devastated but I kept putting in the effort. I was thrilled when my very first article was picked up by the Daily Oklahoman, and sad when it was lost in the archives. I didn’t stop writing. Writing articles is a very dramatic world of rejection and you are going to have to get use to this.

Rejection is only part of the ever growing game of writing articles. Don’t wear your feelings on your sleeve and never delete an article because it was rejected; where one place might not like what you wrote, another place will. Keep all of your articles that you have written, good and bad, and try to correct the bad ones to perfection and use the good ones as examples of your work.

If you are new to article writing, I hope you take something away from this. I tried to keep it short and this is only a few tips to get your started. Make sure you check out the section for writing tips to further your education on writing. This is part of a series to get new article writers into the game of writing for the internet.


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