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Being a self-taught writer

The question often comes with many people who are wanting to become writers; Can you be a self taught writer? The answer to this is a simple, yes. It is better to take classes and to maybe even get your Masters in Fine Arts but it is not required for you to do this to be a writer. I am a firm believer that anybody can be a writer.

People are not born writers, even though some are born with a wider imagination. People are taught to write in school and throughout their lives. Self taught writers are those who are continuing to learn beyond what is taught in school.

Your tip for tonight is to read and write often. Take note of the tone in the writers voice as your read your next book or article. Imagine what is going on. Write what you think of the book and what might have made it better.

What will you learn from doing this? Everything and anything. It will help you to become a better writer when you can see what the author is saying and to know what you think would have made it better.

Image yourself as the writer and what you would have added to perfect the book. Why is this important to you? If you know why it is important, you will know why you should use this as an example when you are writing.

For instance; I just completed a book on writing and the one thing that I said would have made it better is if the author would have made the book easier to understand without having to read between the lines. I thought about this for a moment, after a long pause, I decided that books should be written so that anyone can understand it. Why would you want to purchase a book that doesn’t make any sense, uses a lot of big words that causes you to pull out the dictionary, and has your rereading it so that you can try to comprehend what the author was saying?

Food for thought; put what you learned in your next writing and make it better for you. Your readers are everyday people just like you and me and they are going to want to be able to read the book just like your would want to read it.

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