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I was going over a few blogs today and i noticed that most of them are about how to make money from home. I know that it is possible because I am living proof of it. What I don’t get is why they feel the need to emphasize on it at all hours of the day.

I love seeing blogs with post that really don’t explain a company but they tell you to join anyways. They have lot’s of links and they continue to write about it as though they have made a million bucks from it.

Key point #1

Don’t continue to put links all over your blog, it looks scary and intimidating. Instead of doing this, a few links would be fine.

Key point #2

If you must write about it, then try to do it in a way that is catchy and only has a couple of links. I will usually write a post on a company that i love to make money from and then I ad a link to it right there in the middle of the post. For instance, Mylot is a site that I often write a post on but I do not put the link in more than a few spots. When you add the link continuously, it makes it look trashy.

Key point#3

Don’t lie by saying you got paid more than what you did. People love screenshots of your paychecks or of your paypal, showing that you got paid. If you say that you made a lot more than what you did, people are going to want to see the proof. I have never added screen shots of my earnings. The reason for this is because my post are more of a review on the company with my referral link somewhere in it. I do not claim to have made a certain amount of money and I am not going to show you proof of anything. If people like the review and are interested in it, then they will join. I am not going to work on a post and then have to work harder on trying to prove myself.

Key point #4

Stop with all of the flashy nonsense. I hate to go to a blog or website and all I see are flashy lights. Your blog is not Vegas so quit it. I could see you putting up a few of them for sake’s purpose but do not over do it. The same with monetizing your blog, keep it simple. You will actually get more clicks from people who don’t have to sift through a lot of bull just to get to the ones that interest them.

Key point #5

You probably will not get rich from your blog. I only know of a few people who make descent money from their blogs. By descent, I mean that they make enough to support themselves. They did not get their by lying and by flashing their money around. They did it by making a plan and writing post that entertained while it taught their readers a little something.

If you are going to blog about ways to make money, do it slowly and don’t add into it. Most of the time people can tell when you are stretching the truth. It is better to do reviews than it is to list why people should join a program that you don’t know much about and you haven’t even received your first payment from it.


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