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Raising Feminist Daughters

I hope our son knows how much he will be respected if he respects women and women’s rights. Guys can be feminist too you know.

#AllMenCan #MyFeminismLooksLike

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Paypal Account was Hacked

I recently received a phone call from paypal asking me to verify a few of teh transactions that were placed on my account yesterday. I knew right then that something was up since I misplaced my paypal debit card and hadn’t made any recent transactions from it. I use my PayPal account a lot so…

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Memorial Day of 2008

I can’t help but feel lost this Memorial Day. I had just recently had the one year anniversary of my son, Gaje Florence, death. It wasn’t like most anniversaries since I mourned and dreaded even waking up. I went to the cemetery that day and talked to him for a while. I often do this…

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Lady sentenced in my sons death

Please take the time to read the news article that I wrote on Associated Content about the sentencing that Murguia received after killing my six year old son, Gaje Florence. I greatly appreciate everyone who had helped us to walk through this long dark road. I wrote this article so that everyone could stay up to date…

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Lil’ Red Convertible

Remember the car that I bought, the little red convertible? Oh, how you laughed when we dropped the top as we were driving down the road. We were on our way to Autumn’s graduation, remember? I remember…. It was a Thursday and cold but you insisted that we had to drive like that because you said we were cool, you were…

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Oklahoma Mother Wants a Harsher Sentence for the Woman Accused of Killing Her Son

Editor’s note: The following is a first-person news account from Associated Content CP Rosa Hayes, who lost her son in an auto accident. Hayes wrote about the death of her son here. She lives in Oklahoma City. I was notified that the lady who had killed my son, Gaje Florence, was only getting charged with negligent homicide. Negligent homicide only carries a…

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