Category: Short Stories

No Rescue for this Damsel in Distress

I hate those romantic comedies that have the damsel in distress who so helplessly falls into the arms of some trusted cute guy and they romantically fall in love. Pshh! That doesn’t happen in life. We aren’t living in a damn movie. If this was the case, I would be falling in love with cute…

By R.D. Hayes 2015-10-06 0

The Death of a Girl

She’s been up for days with no end in sight. She can’t sleep, she can’t eat, wondering if she might be right. She got so depressed looking back on her life. Here she is older, much older, and here she is yielding a knife. Life should have been better, it shouldn’t  be  over. Wondering why…

By R.D. Hayes 2014-12-20 0