Commenting the right way

I am sure by now if you own a blog that you have seen those generic comments that are left by those who could really care less about what you are saying. I often delete these comments since the comment author doesn’t seem to care about what I say or to at least want to put their two since in.

You know what comments I am talking about. They are the ones that often say something like “great points and I enjoyed this very much”. Yup, those comments get marked down as spam but what about if you want to leave a generic comment without it getting marked as spam?

Here is a good idea to adopt; instead of leaving the plain jane comment why not add a little more to it? If I am in a hurry but want to leave my daily comments without having to type a lot I will often copy a generic comment like this and paste it into blogs but instead of hitting the submit button, I often scan the blog post to see what it says. I then add a little more to the comment that allows the administrator to know that I am not just there for traffic.

This is just some food for thought but it is something that you might want to adopt into your blog commenting to make sure it doesn’t hit the spam file.


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