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Conducting an interview into an article

An  Interview can be hard to write because you don’t know what this person is going to think about the questions that you are going to be asking them. The best way to start an interview is to gather the entire needed material first.

The material that will be handy:

Pen or Pencil
Tape Recorder
A list of questions

Once you have this material together you need to find questions to ask the person who is going to be interviewed. The tape recorder will help you to capture everything that you talked about and will also help you to quote them or to no misquote them on a statement. Before recording them, always ask for their permission and anything that they say is off the record, cannot be repeated.

The questions should always have to do with the topic. Stay focused and don’t ask any questions that will lead you into another discussion. You are there for the interview and not to chit chat. If you must talk about other things, leave this for after the interview.

The main questions to ask are who, what, when, how, and why. These are key questions because they will help to unfold what happened and how they can relate to the matter at hand.

Feelings are an important part of an interview. Feelings show sympathy for the person or excitement when needed. Try to feel what they are feeling. Explorer into their world and see what type of interview that this will become.

A pen/pencil and paper are needed to jot down key points of the conversation. There are going to be parts that you do not want to forget and even though you recorded the conversation this does not mean that you won’t forget why you thought that it should be a key point to focus on.

An interview will typically not last more than a few minutes and this will give you time to double check everything to see if all of your questions have been asked.

Always ask your questions in the order that you want to write them down. You cannot rearrange the conversation and the conversation will need to be written down like you had taped it.

Writing it all down:

This is the easy part. Start the article off by giving details of what the interview will give the reader. Do not state parts of the interview in this part of the article. For instance, if you were to interview someone on how they ride their bike you could say something like, An interview was held with a bike owner who will take you into the details of riding a bike and how to do it the proper way. This interview will show you tips that the experts use to ride a bike or something like that.

List the interview as though you had been writing it down as they were speaking. Always use your name ( Rosa: blah, blah, blah) and their name (interview person: blah, blah, blah) so that it will show who said what and at what part of the interview.

If the person happened to sigh or show an awkward look on their face at this point in the interview, it is okay to use that and put it into the interview.

The closing:

The closing should be about the experience and what you learned and what you think that the viewers learned.

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