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Content before traffic

I have seen a lot of blogs that try to get traffic to their blogs before they even began to get content submitted in it. Content is a very important part of blogging and without it, you have nothing.

The right time to actually start fishing around for traffic is up to you. I however, would recomend that you wait until you have at least about ten post before you start sending people to your blog, and even more if you can wait longer.

Traffic is a very important part of blogging but it is not as important as content. Content is what keeps the reader coming back.

I have seen people who try a lot of different ways to get traffic to their site and yet they never stop to consider what might happen if they kept the traffic coming back. Unique page hits are important but wouldn’t it be nice to see the unique hits subscribing to you?

So, the next time you start to send people your way, ask yourself if you have enough traffic to keep the coming back for more.


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