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Dealing with Rejection as a Freelance Writer

Rejection as a freelance writer is just part of being a writer. I do not know of one person that has not had to deal with some form of rejection as a freelance writer during their writing career. It happens to the best of us, but this is where you learn to pick up the pieces and truck on.

Dealing with Rejection as a Freelance Writer; what do I do? :

This is probably the best advice that I can give you on rejection and how to make a positive out of a negative. Take the article that was rejected and keep it. Trust me, I have a file a mile long on my computer of articles that have either been rejected or that I have written out of boredom and these articles come in handy.

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Dealing with Rejection as a Freelance Writer; submit to another site:

This is one of the fastest ways to make money when your article has been turned down but you still need to pay the bills. Take that article and submit it to another site that you know will make you money. The site that I like to use the most is Writedge. I like Writedge because you can post what you want and still earn money. The site only pay you per page view but you are still earning an income with an article that has been rejected. Another site that I like to use for my “rejected” articles is Daily Two Cents. Daily Two Cents allows you to publish just about anything as long as it is 100 words long.

Dealing with Rejection as a Freelance Writer: Keep your rejected article

Keep every article that you have ever written, even the rejected ones. I have saved articles for a while now and some of my rejected ones came back up in another writing site and got approved. I divide my articles into folders on my computer and place each article into different categories to make them easier to find.

Dealing with Rejection as a Freelance Writer: resubmitting your work

Believe it or not, in my experience, when an article is rejected and then resubmitted, the chances of it being approved is highly likely. I don’t know if it is because I did a better job writing it the second time or, if the buyer felt sorry for me. Whatever reason, it usually gets picked up.

Dealing with Rejection as a Freelance Writer: Walk away for a while and clear your head

I know that feeling of rejection and wondering if your writing is even worth the hassle; believe me, it is. I make mistakes just like everyone else. My grammar is often pour and sometimes I would like to shoot the autocorrect but, I also know that sometimes I am just too into the rejection that I can’t see past it. Take a breather and go relax for a while; take the day off even. Don’t jump back at it right away or you might mess up or become too frustrated to think. Once you clear your mind of the negativity, come back and revamp that article or push on to the next one.

I can imagine that your bills may be piling up and you are relying on those articles. I can also imagine the frustration on your face when your article gets rejected. Take these ideas and brainstorm a little and use them to help you get back to where you need to be as a freelance writer.


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