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Get More Page Views; Creating Controversy in an Article

The best article that I had written, and ended up getting the most page views, was on an article I wrote about kids getting tattoos. it got more page views because it created controversy in an article.

I learned a long time ago that if you can create chaos, so to speak, on the internet and get people stirred up, they are likely to share your content and give you feedback after feedback. It didn’t matter if the feedback was negative or positive, the publicity was great. The publicity help me get more page views, and I ended up having my article featured on the Yahoo! News.

This might seem a little odd to you, but it’s what makes or breaks most writers on the internet. I was never really any good at keyword stuffing or keeping up with html or any of that other jargon. I had to do something, my wallet was suffering and I had posted article after article with no response. I had no idea on how to get more page views.

After my little stint I realized something that internet marketing gurus had been preaching all along, there is nothing wrong with creating a controversy as long as it is something that you believe in and you are willing to back it 100%. By creating controversy, or chaos, you are giving people something to talk about.

The article is no longer on the web, not since Yahoo decided to do away with their contributor network, but it is still something that I am proud to say I wrote. This article got picked up by a top blogger and I watched it climb to over 1,000 page views in the matter of 24 hours. I was ecstatic!

The reason for this tidbit, and the lesson here, is that creating content isn’t that hard as long as you know how to spin it and make it your own. Write something that sparks the interest of everyone. Write something that will have people talking for days. Just write.


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