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Getting traffic with social sites

Blog traffic, its what happens when our blogs are becoming great. There is a number of ways that you could use to get blog traffic but today we are going to talk about social sites and I am not talking about social bookmarking sites but instead social sites like Twitter.

There are many social sites that bloggers can use such as blogcatalog, mybloglog, twitter, friendfeed, technorati and many others. Each one of these social sites will allow you to use them to your advantage to gain traffic to your blog.

Social sites like the ones listed above will allow you to place either your blogs rss feed on them or a url to your blog, either way is good for business and blog traffic.

Gathering friends is very important when it comes to blog traffic and social sites. Some people don’t like to gather many friends unless it will help them but I always try to gather friends that are within my blogs niche. For instance; if I had a blog on SEO then I might do a search for people within that niche since they are going to be the most interested in that topic. The more interested your friends are in your niche, the more likely they are to read your blog.

Some social sites do require that you either give them a link back or place a snippet in your blog. Those that ask for a link back to their site will often give you a little link love in return and this can be good for traffic.

There are numerous social sites out there on the internet just waiting for you to sign up. If you do a search by Google or Yahoo on social sites you will be able to see where a lot of them are or if you are on a blog,check out their sidebar for what social sites that they use.

While you are entering your information to join a social site don’t forget to join in on the conversations that are already started or start your own conversation. Social sites love it when people start up conversations but they hate it when you spam so be careful as to what you type while there. Convresations on a social site are actually a good way to get your blog noticed since most people on the internet are busy bodies and can’t wait to find out who you are.

Using social sites are easy as long as you understand how they can help you to gain traffic and then use them to your full advantage.

I have a system in place for social sites that I use such as; everyday I go to three of the social sites that I am a member of and I contribute to the conversation and see what messages are left me. You should have a system in place for how you should contribute to those sites even if it is only visiting one per day or every other day to keep your fellow bloggers interested in you and what you have to say.


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