Hemiplegic Migraines and on my 21st Day

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Today is my 21st day of having a migraine. I’ve had them for days straight, hours at a time, and sometimes I begin to have one, but by a miracle it goes away. Then sometimes I will have a migraine for a few hours, stop, then another will come an hour later. Crazy, huh? I’ve done this for the past few years even months at a time. Last year I went four months without a break in my migraines. The worst part is that I have hemiplegic migraines, cluster headaches, sinus headaches, with daily chronic migraines. I talk about the hemiplegic migraines because they are the most painful and disruptive of my migraines. They aren’t common. In fact, they are the rarest form of migraines. 1 in out of 10,000 people have been diagnosed with Hemiplegic Migraines. If you dwindle this figure to the number per family, it is even lower for those who don’t contain a family history.

I was one of the unlucky members who inherited it from my dad, who had inherited it from his mom. When my dad said he had a migraine, I assumed he was misinformed. For the longest time I assumed he was wrong. The reason I felt he was is, although I had this horrible beast, I still thought a migraine was just a headache therefore, what we have must be brain cancer or something. I wondered why most of them didn’t run to a doctor. I’m older and understand why. Nobody understands you; the physicians don’t get you, and you’ve been through this a hundred times before and you know it will end so why waste the money or that painful trip there?

I go to the specialists; I have a neurologist, and I have a good deal of expensive tools around my place which I use for when I get one. My house never bought into the pricey migraine toys. But they didn’t have these cool gadgets like we have now. I have bought plenty of things to help ease my pain. Back when I was a kid, we got a wet rag and a dark room. Back in my younger years I only had three to four migraines a year, unlike now where three to four a year is a blessing.

I plan to write more on my migraines. There isn’t enough correct information about migraines in the world, at least not Hemiplegic Migraines. Since I am writing these during a running attack, you can expect grammar with spelling mistakes.


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