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How to Delete a Fiverr Gig or Suspend a Fiverr Gig

I looked across the web for how to delete a Fiverr gig and couldn’t find much help. I then started searching the Fiverr forums on how to delete a Fiverr gig and still couldn’t get much help. It took me about an hour to figure it out, and I never realized how easy it was. There are a few things that you must know that you have to do before you can delete a Fiverr gig.

Rules for Deleting Fiverr Gigs:

A person cannot have a pending sale on the Fiverr gig when they delete it. The system will not let you delete the gig if you have something pending but, there is a way around this and I will tell you how.

Suspending a Fiverr Gig:

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If you are not able to delete the Fiverr gig, you can always suspend it. Suspending a Fiverr gig will allow you to stop all other transactions for that gig until you have completed your pending sales and are able to delete it. Suspending is a great option for those who have gigs sold but need to stop further people from purchasing those same gigs.

Deleting a Fiverr gig or suspending it:

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In order to delete a Fiverr gig or suspend it, go to your Fiverr and log into your account. Click on your name, then click on my sales and then click on my gigs. This will take you to a page where you can see all of your gigs.

On the left hand side of the gigs, is a box that you can click in. Find the gig that you need to delete or suspend and click in that box.

Once you click in the box, you will be able to delete or suspend that gig. After clicking in the box, look to the top where the gigs are and there are a bunch of buttons that are now highlighted, instead of being grayed out,  and it will give you the option to delete a gig or suspend a gig. There will also be an option to activate a suspended gig.

I really hope that this small tutorial on how to delete a Fiverr gig, helps someone. I know that I had a lot of trouble finding out how to do it myself. I would have thought that Fiverr, with it being such a big name now, would have explained this a little better on their Q&A.


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