How to Get Your Child to Sleep in Their Own Bed

I am proud of all people who have taken the extra step to become a loving parent. I know that sometimes it can have it’s moments and that at one point or another we all could use a little help every now and then.

Some parents often find themselves asking for advice on how to get their children to sleep in their own bed. This can be easily accomplished if you follow a few easy tips. Soon after following these tips, you will be able to enjoy a night alone in your bed while your child is sleeping peacefully in his.

If possible when your child is born, try to limit the amount of time that the child sleeps in your bed. This will not only help you later but can also help you aid off the possibility of sudden infant death syndrome, which is a concern with most parents. Doctors have found that when a parent lets a young child sleep in the bed with them, the pillow and comforters may suffocate the child. I was always worried about this and worried about rolling over on top of my child as I slept.

As the child gets older, it may be more difficult to keep the child out of your bed at night. Sometimes when you think that your child is going to sleep through the night, you may find yourself waking up with the child next to you.

Try talking to your child so that both of you can get to the root of the problem. Ask them questions like, are you having nightmare, try asking multiple questions until you can figure out why the child still feels the need to sleep in the same bed with you.

If the child is not having nightmares, then it could be the simple problem of the child being scared of the dark or the open closet door. Try leaving the light on or purchasing a nightlight or lamp for them. Make sure that all dresser and closet doors are closed.

If you still find your child climbing in the bed with you, then tell them that they can sleep in the floor for a couple of days so that they can see that nothing is going to happen. Slowly move their bed that you made for them, farther and farther away until it reaches their bedroom. I would do this in patterns of two, meaning every couple of night, move the blankets even farther.

You should also talk to your child and explain that at night time you need them to be big and sleep in their own room so that you can sleep in theirs. Sometimes letting the child sleep in the same room with another styling will help.

Just remember that no matter what the reason do not let the child sleep in your bed or else they will keep finding new excuses to do this. If my child has a nightmare, I will go to their room and lay down with them until they fall asleep. When you lay in the child’s bed, it is letting them know that they still have to sleep in their own bed but you will be there to comfort them when something bad happens.

When my son would not stop sleeping in our bed, I added nightlight’s to their room and put up glow in the dark stickers on their ceiling for the added light. This helped him because the light was still dim enough to not keep him awake but bright enough that he would lay there and stare at them.


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