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How to Improve Your Memory


A memory is a great thing to have. We use memory to remember important items and dates. Memory is a part of our daily lives and without it we will tend to make ourselves lose things and to forget things. This guide will teach you a few tricks that will help you to improve your memory and it is a guide that I have been working on for a while. Some of these tips have been recommended by doctors for improving memory.

1. It is said that you can improve your memory by using your mind more. You can use your mind more by doing crossword puzzles, reading books, or playing games that cause you to use your brain more. Games that are great for the mind include games like Scrabble or any other game that includes using words and spelling.

2. Say things that you need to remember out loud. For some reason the brain tends to remember things better when you physically say them. If you need to remember an important meeting in the morning, say it out loud. It is also a good thing to write down important dates in a calendar and say it the night before the important date. A study was done that included people who said the things that they needed to remember right before they go to bed and they were more likely to remember them in the morning. I have tried this and it helped me a lot. I use this method all the time. If you have a test that you have to do the next day, cram a little bit before you go to bed and study by saying the answers silently and then a loud.

3. Proper sleep seems to help with almost everything now days even remembering things. If you tend to lack on sleep start getting more. Sleep helps people to stay focused and to concentrate better. Lack of sleep can make you forget things and to day dream a lot when you need to remember things instead. It was once said that everyone needed to get at least eight hours of sleep a night and now a new study showed that not all people need that exact amount of sleep time. Some people work fine with only six hours of sleep and you need to realize how much sleep that you need so that you can get that amount. If your body needs more than eight hours, which was also said to be true for some people, then sleep an extra hour. Determine what your body needs and stick to it. This will help you focus and to remember things.

4. If you have trouble remembering someone’s name, say it three times before leaving that persons sight. If you are still not able to remember their name, associate something with them and their name. If they happen to be named Mark and they have a specific mark on their face or somewhere else that you can see, familiarize yourself with this and chances are that the next time you see them and their mark, you will remember their name.


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