How to Set Clear Rules for Your Teenager

Teens will often be disrespectful because they do not have clear rules set for them. Rules are a great thing to have in a parent-child relationship. Rules set boundaries that children cannot cross and when they do, they must deal with the consequences. Setting unclear rules will only set you up for failure later on.

As a parent, one thing that I learned about children and especially teenagers, is that you must have clear rules or else they will tend to argue with you because you did not specify what they did wrong and that what they said or done that was inappropriate.

If you tell a child that they are being rude or disrespectful, you should make the rule clear by saying what they were doing that was rude or disrespectful. If you don’t make the rules clear, the child can later on say that you didn’t tell them to not do that one thing.

If you find something that you do not want your child doing, tell them and tell them why. Make yourself clear when telling them. Make statements that will not allow them to do it at all if that is what you are wanting. If you do not make yourself clear, the child will often find loop holes that they can work around.

Button pushing is a favorite among kids of all ages. In button pushing, they will often try to find something that will make you become angry enough that you wont even care anymore about the behavior of the child at that time.

Instead of just forgetting about it, take action by telling them that they should already know what they can and cannot do. Do not take part in an argument with a teenager who is trying to make your upset or angry. What you say, should go but there are ways to make sure that these types of arguments do not happen and that is by making yourself clear when talking to them.

Clear rules are the best way to be able to control what is going on without setting yourself up for another button pushing game. When you say something, make it clear enough that even a five year old would understand. If you do not want your child to talk on the phone for the rest of the night, make it clear by saying that they cannot talk on the phone until either you say so or until a certain time the next day. If you do not make yourself clear on this, your child might wait until midnight and then claim that it is another day and that you said that they could not talk for the rest of that night.


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