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Hurry up and get to the point

Have you ever started writing about a topic that should have only been around 400-500 words long and ended up with 1,000 word post or article? I have to admit that I have. I have said this time and time again and I will say it one more time for the road, I learn from my mistakes.

I once wrote an article that I thought was great but wasn’t getting the page views that I thought it should have gotten. I then realized that the comments that were being let on my article where only directed at the first few paragraphs. Was anybody actually taken the time to read the entire article? Probably not.

I asked my sister to take a peak at it and what she said had surprised me. She said that the article was great but it took forever before I actually got to the point or main topic of it.

You see, I am a story teller and I love telling stories in my articles and post but you can’t always do this and when you do, it shouldn’t be more than a couple of paragraphs long before you start getting to the point.

When people read magazines, they will often skim over a lot of information until they get to the main points of it. The internet is no exception to the way people do things the only difference is that over half of the time, they won’t even skim but instead will excuse themselves from the article or post.

The key points of this post is that you should try and captivate your readers within a few paragraphs and give them something to hold on too and something that they will hopefully remember.

Word of advice; don’t keep your readers waiting and give them something worth reading. What would the point be in writing if no one is willing to read your work?


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