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I hit the 10 Mark on Associated Content

There are many things that I have wanted to accomplish while writing, some are big and others are small. One of those things was to hit a clout ten before my one year anniversary with the company was up. I didn’t make the one year mark and I will tell you while.

Not long after I started to write with the company, I had a tragedy in my family and stopped writing for a while. When I stopped writing I lost a lot of my readers and it took me a while to get them back.

Anyways, for those who don’t know what the clout ten is at Associated Content, it is a symbol that you have by your name and each time your page views goes up so does your clout. Making it to a ten is one of the things that most Content Producers on Associated Content looks forward too.

What does this mean for me? Not really much except that i get a cool symbol telling everyone that my writing is freakin awesome. I am like most of the readers on Associated Content, I won’t hardly read someone’s work too often unless they have a high clout. I know that this is a bit selfish but the higher the clout the better the writer usually is.

It took me one year and three months to get it to the top but I finally did it. If you want to check out my clout you can go to my CP Page to see it and while you are there you might as well check out some of the articles on writing, local attractions, reviews, parenting, retirement, blogging, making and saving money, and everything else. I am a true freelance writer and I write about everything under the sun.


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