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Improve Your Writing In a Few Steps

If you want to improve what you write, I can tell you how I do it in a few steps. I think everyone should improve their writing until they can become the best writer possible. Here is a quick tutorial, and a few keynotes, to help improve your content. I learned this in a writing class I took a while back and I have also seen similar articles across the web.

1. There are a few words you want to drop. A faster way to drop these words is by CTRL + F; CTRL + F will pull up a search box and you can use this to find these words faster within your document.

2. Since you have the search box up, start your search for these words and drop them; veryjustreallyin order (when you say words like I ran to the store in order to get cake. Delete in order and the sentence becomes, I ran to the store to get cake. ), that (I made up a rhyme so that I could show off my talent; this now becomes I made up a rhyme so I could show off my talent.), quitething (your writing needs to be specific), utilize (replace this with another verb or use use), get or got (be more specific and descriptive in your writing), -ing verbs (I am walking now becomes, I walked).

These words are often used throughout since it is the way most of us talk, but it makes the story long and boring. A writer’s job is to make a point as quickly as possible but to also give the reader a description so they use their imagination. These tips should help to improve your writing but be careful, some words need to stay or your content won’t make sense.

3. Re-read your content and see if it makes sense. Sometimes we need to use these words to make it more personal. In my experience, dependent on who or what I am writing for, taking out these words will rid fluff within an article. You can do this to improve your writing and it’s especially helpful if writing an essay.

For storybook, there are times when you need to keep these words. A story needs details to inspire the reader but, extra words used within a story can make the book less interesting. I don’t know how many times I have skipped over an entire page because it used too many words that didn’t flow well.

Also, if you are writing for the web then these rules may not always apply depending on if you believe in keyword density or not. If you have a large following then keyword density may not going to affect how you improve your writing.

Let me know your take on this and if you have found any other words which are often used too much.

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