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Lil’ Red Convertible

Remember the car that I bought, the little red convertible? Oh, how you laughed when we dropped the top as we were driving down the road. We were on our way to Autumn’s graduation, remember?

I remember…. It was a Thursday and cold but you insisted that we had to drive like that because you said we were cool, you were cool. We drove for four hours with the top down. I was freezing like always and I was afraid that you would catch a cold. I went to raise the top back up and you pleaded with us, with those tear drop eyes of yours. You had my heart, you still have my heart.

Driving with the wind in our hair and our hands reaching for the sky like we were on a roller coaster ride. Remember? You were laughing and carrying on to the sound of the radio. I can still remember what song was playing that day. Knocking on Heaven’s door by Guns N’ Roses came on the radio. You pleaded with us to turn the radio up; you said you couldn’t hear it and that it was your favorite song. We nearly blew my speakers that day and the left speaker still does not work over half of the time.

The memories we built that day was full of like and inspiration. I kept that little red convertible because it was the one of the best memories that I had with you. I dream about that day and the way you were so cold that you covered up with my shirt that I had laying in the back seat, but you didn’t want the top up. Why? Why did you have to leave me and my little red convertible? We had built so many memories around it.

I can’t part with the little red convertible. I drive with your smile looking back at me through a picture. I drive with the top down and I remember that day, the day you told me that you were the happiest boy in the world. Your dad and I had to buy you a pair of sunglasses because you said you had to be cool like us, with the top down and the wind blowing in your hair. You were the one who stole my heart. You were the one who made me remember what it was like to be young again.

I want you back, I want you riding shot gun beside me with the top down and us flying down the road like we were that day. I would give anything to have that day one more time.


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