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I recently ran into a blog at Wise Bread that offered many ways that you can work from home using your computer.

I listened and learned many ways that you can make this possible. For instance; Craigslist was mentioned on the blog so I went and checked it out. I found a few jobs that would allow you to work from home but not in my area. I also found that many of the jobs that people have posted are nothing but scams. There are a few that many have claimed to work but I haven’t had the opportunity to check these out.

There are also many freelance sites that allow you to work for them from home. I often write for Associated Content but have also tried other sites and will be writing a post about them in the future. I know that Associated Content works and I have worked for them for over a year now.

The other two freelance sites that are mentioned on Wise Bread are eLance and iFreelance which allow you to bid for freelance writing jobs and you may end up being under paid since you will be bidding for a spot against people from everywhere. These two aren’t really worth it to me and I have tried eLance in the past but found that the jobs were often very long and did not pay much at all.

Some of the other jobs that I have seen out there are virtual agents which allow you to do such things as telemarketing from home using your computer and home phone. I have never done these before but I had a friend who did and she seemed to enjoy it. There are two companies that can be recommended; LiveOps and Working Solutions.

There are also many other jobs that allow you to make money from home such as blogging even though to make money you have to be willing to put in a lot of hours and it may take some time before you actually make a lot of money if any at all.

If you are making money from home doing anything such as using your computer, selling stuff out of your home, or whatever I would love to hear from you. I want to know what you do to make money.


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