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Making your writing clear and readable

Writing for the web is a little different than writing out in the real world. There is a huge problem with sites that contain a lot of information but can cause information over load. If you don’t know what this is please follow me while I explain it to you.

Sometimes websites have a lot of great information in them but can cause you to go blind by the time that you finish reading it or will cause you to scan over the information which could lead to you missing out on valuable information especially if you are a new writer or a writer who is wanting to improve their writing skills.

As a writer, I am always looking for new information and the Internet is the perfect place for me to freshen up on my writing skills. I hate it when I reach a website that is hard to understand or when I try to read an article that makes it to complex for me to read.

Keep it short and simple. I say this often because you have only a few seconds before the reader looses interest in what they are reading. Try to catch their attention as quickly as possible with an opening line and keep their attention in the first paragraph.

Think grade school when writing articles for the web. There is no need for big words that places like may not pick up on. Writing is such hard work when you try to use $2 words that no one really understands in the first place. Keep this in mind when you write your next article or publish another post on your blog and see how many people will stay to finish it without jumping to the next site.

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