A Site With Many Blogs

A Site With Many Blogs

I’ve owned the domain name rdhayes.com for years, and I’ve written on many blogs, but I was frustrated that my blogs kept me going in different directions. My mind had many things running through it, and it was hard to keep it all in line, and to keep it all seperated. I wanted to write it all on my blog, or on seperate blogs, but the cost of keeping many blogs was high. I wasn’t making much, not as much as I had hoped for, because a lot of these blogs were hobbies, and not money making opportunites.

I came up with a plan to support my habbit of blogging, and be able to make ends meet. I used my website rdhayes.com to feature my work and to write as many blogs as I wanted to by using one domain name, one hosting account, and as many blogs as I wanted through Godaddy.

This website only has one direct blog on it, but it has many blogs attached to it. I found it easier to write about my daily happenings on this site and give my fans a glimpse into my life, the life of one writer. I, like many writers, have a unique life that is filled with ups and downs, and like many writers, I also have plenty to write about, to blog about.

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