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Nine Great Tips for Giving a Speech

A speech is never easy to say, not even for the people who are in congress. First you must prepare it and then wait for the day to arrive where you can get up in front of people. There are a lot of great tips that you can use to help you to prepare yourself for this day and these tips are used by people around the world to help them.

1. Prepare your speech in advance

The speech should be prepared a few days in advance and even longer if you are able to do so. If you are like most people then you will probably end up editing it every time that you read it. Editing is great because you will probably catch a lot of flaws that you would have not normally caught. It also let’s you say the speech over and over when you are editing and therefore you will remember most of the words that are written down and it will also allow you to seek out any errors so that you can make sure the grammar and spelling is correct.

2. Read your it as much as possible

This was covered a little bit in step one but there are a few more things that you should know. The more you go over the speech, the more likely you are to remember it. It is not important to remember it all if you are not able too but you should know the basic points of the speech and where you should pause or show emphasis in it. If you don’t know how you want to say your speech, practice will help you. Get to know the pausing points so that you do not have a lot of run on sentences when you speak. Even though you have commas where you are suppose to pause, if you are staring at the paper for too long you eyes can play tricks on you.

3. Take the speech with you for when you forget a part of it

There are lots of things that we may forget even though we practice it a million times and a speech is no exception. A lot of people will tape the speech on the back of something or right onto the podium. When I said my speech, I took a picture of my son and taped it onto the back of it. I did a speech for the memory of murder victims and this is a great way for you to be creative in finding ways to hide your speech so that it looks like you are speaking from the top of your head.

4. Always glance at your audience, it shows that you are talking to them

A quick glance every now and then is all it takes to speak to someone’s heart. If you have a problem with looking at people who are a part of a mass audience, glance right above their heads so that you are not looking directly at them.

5. Put the speech on yellow paper

White paper has a way of making our eyes glance over things. Yellow paper keeps the eyes more focused. After you have made the final draft, write it down on yellow paper but not bright yellow. Note pads are great for writing down notes and speeches and they will often come in yellow.

6. Having trouble with not losing your place in the speech

A lot of people complain that they lose their spot when reading from a paper and if this is the case with you, highlight the lines in different colors rotating the colors. Another thing that you can do is to number the lines so that you will remember to go back to that line.

7. Always have a back up and winging it is not an option

Having a back up is a great way to not ruin your it but to be able to offer something else instead. I took a back up of a poem when I had to do my speech just so that I would be sure to have something else if I decided against the speech. This is also an area that you can be creative in. I have seen people take a book and tell about it and why it is important to read and what it has to do with the subject at hand.

8. Eat an hour before your speech

I made the mistake of not eating before the performance and I became weak. I still said my speech but my hands were shaking more than what they should have been and I felt as though I were going to pass out. Always eat an hour before hand so that your food has time to settle and you don’t become weak.

9. Get to know the people before your speech is to be presented

It is easier to speak to someone when you already know them and the same goes for saying a speech. Arrive early so that you can meet some of the people and to practice your speech a little more. If at all possible, have some of your family or friends there for moral support. It is easier to say a speech when you know some of the people in the room.

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