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One Year Goal

This is my own personal challenge that I wanted to start for myself. I don’t know if you have been following a long or not but recently I lost all the data from my blog.

As a result of this unfortunate mistake, I have had no choice but to start my blog over from scratch. I loss a lot because of this.

Oh Gaje Master, it can’t be that bad!

No, it is even worse. My blog was down for a few days as I was trying to bring it back up after switching host and domain registars. I loss everything and when I say everything I do mean everything. What is a blogger to do after a tragedy like this? I had no choice but to start fresh.

I found out real quick that when something happens to your blog and you are not able to bring it back up within a few days, you start to loose your readers.

As of right now, I have four subscribers. This is sad because I not only lost all the subscribers to this blog but I also lost all my readers. This is bad for business.

What I plan to do

To get things going on my blog, I started to keep it down until the 14th of July so that I would have time to add more content on it. After checking all my updates on the statistics for my blog, I figured that it was better to have only a few post and keep people just a little bit interested than it was to have no post and lose everyone that ever came to this blog.

Thank you

I wanted to thank those four people who stood by me even after they realized what was going on.

One year Monthly Challenge

Since I have to start my blog from scratch, I plan to use a little bit of the stuff that I have learned over the past few years to gain readers, subscribers, and to earn money from my blog.

Since my blog was back up on July 8th, I plan to post a new post under the “One year challenge” to keep everyone updated with what I want to happen with this blog in as little as a years time.

Some of you are probably thinking that a year is a long time but it really isn’t considering how long I have blogged and how long that I know it takes to get a blog properly running the way that it should.

I plan to keep everyone updated on this and to let everyone know what I have done during the month to meet my goal.

What is my goal?

I’m not sure yet and I need time to think about it. I will be posting something up on my blog to let you know what my goal is for the year. I also plan on giving something away to a subscriber at the end of the year.

Will I make it?

Man, I hope so or else I really haven’t learned as much as I had hoped too.


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