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Now, they are something to look into. I read up on them and noticed that they have a great referral program. Their referral program is a lot like other programs but I did notice that they tend to pay a little higher than the others do. It is all about the referrals. When you refer…

By R.D. Hayes 2007-07-05 0

Oklahoma Mother Wants a Harsher Sentence for the Woman Accused of Killing Her Son

Editor’s note: The following is a first-person news account from Associated Content CP Rosa Hayes, who lost her son in an auto accident. Hayes wrote about the death of her son here. She lives in Oklahoma City. I was notified that the lady who had killed my son, Gaje Florence, was only getting charged with negligent homicide. Negligent homicide only carries a…

By R.D. Hayes 2007-06-13 0

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I discovered ways to make my cell phone bill cheaper so that I wouldn’t be scared to look at my bill every time it came in the mail. I made a few changes to my plan and the way that I use my cell phone, I lowered my bill drastically and you can too. Try…

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