How to Tell a 5 Year Old that a Loved One Has Died

After the death of my son, I faced the cold hard fact that he was not coming back to us. I didn’t realize how hard it would be to talk to my three year old daughter about the death of her six year old brother, until that moment came where I felt I had no choice. My two daughters…

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Technorati this

I love technorati and you should too. It is a way for you to keep all of your favorite blogs in one section. I still subscribe to a lot of blogs but I also favorite them in technorati if they are worth favorting. So, here is the question that a lot of people have on…

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Oklahoma Mother Wants a Harsher Sentence for the Woman Accused of Killing Her Son

Editor’s note: The following is a first-person news account from Associated Content CP Rosa Hayes, who lost her son in an auto accident. Hayes wrote about the death of her son here. She lives in Oklahoma City. I was notified that the lady who had killed my son, Gaje Florence, was only getting charged with negligent homicide. Negligent homicide only carries a…

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