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Parent Bullies: These Parents Have Gone Too Far

I hate FaceBook for all the bullies and stupid people who think that it is cool to post things that are probably going to land them in jail or to instigate fights between people. The biggest bullies that I have seen on FaceBook lately are parent bullies. Yes! I said it! Parents are some of the biggest bullies, and it is not up to them to single out a person who is under the age of eighteen.

Today, while scrolling through my FaceBook updates, I came across a post from someone I went to school with. I am a very opinionated person and I don’t care who knows my opinions when I feel that their reactions are going to cause more harm than good. The post showed a photo of her child with a red cheek and the caption read, “Awe, my boy’s first fight.” Now I would have thought she was being facetious but then the comments below were more gruesome than the photo.

These adults were sitting there bullying another child whom they had never even met. The child’s name was said and these adults were saying things like I’ll take care of him, who is this child and I hope you deal with him, that boy needs his rear whipped good, and so forth. The mother of the child in the photo responded by saying that she was taking care of it, and that her child was told to handle the situation and he better or else.

….or else…or else what? Are you serious now?! All these adults are condoning two children fighting instead of handling the problem like real adults. Is this really what this world has come to? If our child comes home with bruises from a fight and gets his rear whipped then we send him back for seconds?

How are we supposed to teach our children that bullying is not okay when we have parent bullies who tell their children that it is okay to fight and that if they don’t, then they will get in trouble when they get home? Did it ever occur to those parent bullies that sending their child back for seconds might harm them more? What if your child goes back and ends up seriously injured or worse, dead? Maybe these parent bullies should stop and think for a second.

What really got me going was how all these parents were willing to fight a child because their friend’s son was hit in the face. What gives a grown person a right to say that they will fight a child? These parent bullies are no better than the bullies, actually, they are worse because they should know better. Shame on all of you!

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