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Paypal Account was Hacked

I recently received a phone call from paypal asking me to verify a few of teh transactions that were placed on my account yesterday. I knew right then that something was up since I misplaced my paypal debit card and hadn’t made any recent transactions from it.

I use my PayPal account a lot so for online business and I also use it for my writing and other sites that pay me money. I have a lot of different companies that I work for and they prefer to send my money through PayPal instead of using a bank transfer mainly because it saves them money.

I was glad that PayPal thinks enough of their customers to call them when they smell something fishy going on. The person who hacked my PayPal account made a lot of small transactions that were about $5 and one bigger transaction that was over $80 but I only had about $9 my account at that time. The $5 that they kept taking out added up to be a lot of money.

Thankfully the PayPal representative refunded all of my money and put an alert on my account that would send a notification to them anytime that a certain amount was spent.

I hardly ever use my PayPal account and when I do I hardly ever take out very much unless I use the ATM machine and withdraw enough to pay the bills.

I asked the representative what I need to do and she said for me to change my password and security questions and to do this often.

I have a bad habit of using the same password for all of my stuff but I learned from my mistakes and I now will be changing it every week and using a different password for each of my programs that I am involved with.


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