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Self-Disipline as a Writer

Every freelance writer dreams of making it big and raking in the big bucks. Many of you who have just started out in your writing careers may be waiting impatiently for the money to role in. Well, I am about to tell you something that you may have not been told before.

Are you listening?

Freelance often decide to do this type of work so that they can write and work from home without a boss or someone standing over them pressuring them to hurry up. This seems like a dream come true for most people who want to write.

The trouble with the rules that you set for yourself and the rules that a boss set for you is that you may find yourself lacking in your work.

The reason behind it all is that because you do not have anyone to tell you that you need to get your writing done and now, you may be taking your time.

Be professional even when you are your own boss. Setting hours and goals for yourself is one way to insure that you will make the money that you want and deserve.

Writing discipline may be what you need. It takes time to get into a routine especially if you have responsibilities like kids. Once you get into this routine, you will find it much easier to not answer the phone, running errands, or doing other things during your working hours.

If it is important for you to have financial freedom or get out of debt then you will need a lot of self-discipline in your writing career.

Once your freelance writing career takes off, you will be thankful that you taught yourself self-discipline instead of going out during a time when you should have been writing.


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