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Should you fake your own comments?

I wrote a post on this before my blog erupted into flames and everything was lost. I rebuilt my blog since the server crashed and I thought about writing another post on this so that more of you could see the idea behind doing this.

A couple of years ago I came across a blog that had a post on it about cheating the comment forms. I can’t remember where the blog was located because like I said, it was two years ago.

Now, the way that this works is that the site owner adds comments on his or her blog but makes them out to be as though someone else had written them. It is kind of like an anonymous comment but you are writing it yourself.

The benefits of doing this is so that others will think that your site is more popular than it actually is. This also allows for your post to be cached by the all too popular “Google” since a comment on an old post will make it seem as though it is new once again.

The downfall is that if you are caught then everyone will think that you are a big fake and will probably never play with you again.

Have I done this before?

I would never admit it even if I had. I am an avid reader and I blog through the blogosphere leaving my comment footprint wherever I possibly can.

There is a reason that I often leave a lot of comments and I will explain this in another great post.

So, faking your own comments is up to you but be aware that it does have its consequences just like everything else.


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