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The Difference Between Writing a Blog Post and an Article

I recently got asked if I would allow an individual to write an article for my blog. I assume that what they meant was, could they write a blog post. I also assume that this individual did not know the difference between a blog post and an article.

Conversational Language of a Blog Post

Conversational language on a blog post is more like you are talking to a close friend. It is like you are having a conversation with an individual that you have known for years. Blog post do not have to be formal at all. Blog post are supposed to invite the readers in and create conversation. Blog post also tend to have the writer’s opinion more than an article does. This does not mean that a blog post is not based on facts. Blog post are editorial pieces at best.

Conversational Language of an Article

Articles are meant to be informative, leaving false information completely out, and the opinion of the writer at a minimal. Articles are normally formal and more objective. Most articles do not even contain the opinion of the author at all.

Comments on a Blog Post

These can be a huge part of a blog. Comments let the readers engage with the writer, and, engage with one another. Comments can play an important role in a blog; the more comments a blog post has, the more likely it is to be read, shared, and saved.

Comments on an Article

Not all articles stay away from comments; some articles allow for users to comment to build up the community of the website. Comments are not a necessary part of writing articles since the article is it is a factual piece. When I do see comments on an article, it is mostly a “good job”, or, “nice tips”, but usually nothing more than that.

Opinions on Blog Post

Blog post are filled with the opinion of the writer. There can be a lot of facts presented in the blog post but, for the most part, it is the opinion that created the blog to begin with. This is why most companies now have blogs or forums; they want a way to engage with their clients and to get insights on what their company should and should not be doing to better it.

Written in Third Person; Articles

Articles are often written in third person. If you were to read an article written in a magazine, you would see that the tone is different. They are speaking more to a group of people, versus, speaking to one particular individual.

Now, if you were to take a look through this blog, you would probably tell me that you are highly confused. We have articles and blog post written on here, or do we? The writing tips that you find on this site, also have an opinion within it. Take a closer look, and you will see that this website is indeed a blog.




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