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The Importance of Putting Family First

Putting family first is something that we all may strive to do. I make it a daily blessing to be able to take my kids with me on trips and rides to the grocery store or anywhere else that I may go. I try to make them a part of my life as much as possible.

In today’s busy world, most of us have jobs that do not allow for much free time to spend time with our family.

There are a lot of programs out there in our world that teaches us ways to bring our family back together and let us take hold of what was once known as family pride. The programs teach us how to make everyday activities into family activities. This is an important part of being a family.

I know that trying to put family first above everything else may seem like a mission and not knowing how to do this can make things even harder. Jobs can be a huge part of our lives and sometimes our jobs can get out of hand and make us spend less and less time with our families.

If you are in a job that may not allow you much free time then try to take advantage of those times that you do have off of work. Make that free time count and make it worth your while. Your family should always come first no matter what and taking that extra time to spend with your family is priceless.

Take that well deserved vacation that you have been putting off and take a trip with your family. Little things count also, so make the bed together or help your kids out with their homework whenever necessary. Just because you had a hard day at work doesn’t mean that they didn’t have a hard day at school, spend time talking about your daily activities with your children and your spouse, you may be surprised to find that their daily routines are as difficult as yours.

My husband and I spend one weekend out of the month doing something with our children. We either take them to the park, the zoo, or rent family movies together. You could even play a game indoors like Monopoly.

Statistics show that children whose parents spend time with them on a regular basis, are less likely to participate in activities that could get them into trouble, they have also done better in school.

Think about all that you and your family could benefit from putting family first. I think that it is worth putting the extra time that it takes to make your family closer.


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