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Top 5 Things to Do for Your Guy When Dealing with the Respect Principal

The respect principle is supposed to be an easier way for a person to gain access into a man’s heart. Well, today I am going to be talking about respecting men and how you can use the respect principle to make a man want you even more. Follow me and pay close attention and use these respect tips and soon you will have a guy that truly admires you and wants to be with you. Also, I will be updating this blog randomly so please feel free to follow it.

1. Stop asking him to change:

Some people think that change is good and that if a guy respects you then he will change for you. I can hear the buzzards going off and me screaming NO to the top of my lungs. The truth is that if you respected him then you would stop asking him to change. Guys find this very disrespectful. He is the guy that you liked so why in the world are you asking him to change his appearance, his personality, and his life?

2. Talking down to a guy is highly disrespectful

Change your attitude towards him and your lives together will be better. No one likes being talked down to and so you shouldn’t do it to him. Believe me when I say that when we are angry, we say a lot of things that we will regret later. Stop doing this.

3. Never gossip about him:

This is a huge thing in my book. If you talk badly about your guy then people around you will start to dislike him. Later on down the road when you’re looking at a bright future, it will be too late; people will have already developed an attitude towards him.

4. Tell him how proud you are of him: Stroke his ego

Everyone likes their ego to be stroked every once in a while. I use to tell this guy that I was dating how proud I was of him. I didn’t do this on a daily basis but I did it enough that he knew how much I cared about him; he even told me so.

5. Show him his ideas are important by asking his opinion:

Guys like talking, although some may not admit to it, about themselves and their feelings. They like giving their opinion on just about anything. Ask him question about things that matter and things that you know he is into.

There are lots of material that you can read on Respect Principals and I know that this only covers a few of them. I like when a guy admires me for who I am, it lets me know that he cares deeply about me. I don’t try to change a guy, I don’t try to make him like something that he doesn’t, I don’t judge him, and I certainly don’t make him question his self-confidence.

This was a short post and I will be adding to this at a later time but this should be enough to get you started in the Respect Principal department.


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