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Use comments to write post

I started reading through a discussion that I found on Technorati and I had to write about this post that I found on ‘Do you have any questions‘ which was written by Dosh Dosh.

I learned a lot from this post and one of the main things that I learned was that you should always look to your comments for more writing material.

What I mean by this is that if you read the post by Dosh Dosh then you will see that he ask his readers if they have any questions that they would like to ask him that is related to the other post on his blog. He then states that he will write the answer in a post and give them credit for the question with a link to them. This sparked a new motivation in me.

Why not use your comments that people leave you and write about it in post?

This interested me so much that I wrote about it over at my other blog .

So, learn from somebody if at all possible and take what they say into consideration, I did and this is what it got me. Write answers to your comments in a post and link back to the original commentor so that they will gleam at the fact that you acknowledged them.


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