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Why excerpts are important

The purpose of this post is to show you why you should use full text articles on the main page and a summary on the categories page. I will also give you the right directions on changing the categories section so that you can set up your blog to have full text on the main page and summaries where you want them. Keep in mind, this is for wordpress users.

I like using full text article on my blog’s homepage, it gives the readers a great mind to see what type of writing that you do. I like to think of the front page as a fly catcher in need of catching flies. In order to catch flies, you have to draw them in. For Instance, if I am doing a sponsored post and it really does not look like something that I would normally have on my blog, I will immediatly write enough post to knock it off the front page. I don’t want my regular readers to see something that is off topic from what they normally read.

You can set your main page to show full post in the options section under reading. You can type in the number of post that you would like to show on the front page. I would keep this number below ten. I usually have my blogs set at around five(this is enough to get them interested but still small enough for me to knock sponsored post off of the front page).

Now, to talk about the categories section. I don’t like sifting through articles trying to find the one that I am looking for or the subject that is most interesting to me. When you have full post on the category section and someone is looking for a certain area of interest, they would have to scan down the page to find it.

If you had summaries on your page instead of full post, your readers could always read through the summaries and find the one post that is most relevant to them. This saves a lot of time and will also make your blog look better in my opinion. If you would like to learn how to change this, read on at Lorelle on WordPress. Lorelle has put together a nice little tutorial that is dedicated to helping to fix this problem in wordpress blogs.

Bloggers know that it is all about what their readers want and if it makes it easier for them get the materials that they want, then why not give it to them?



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