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Why it is important to de-clutter

If you find yourself having to constantly check to see where you left something or find that you are often running into stuff in your home then it might be time for you to get rid of the clutter.

My husband often looses things and we have plenty of wasted hours looking for important documents, keys, wallets, cell phones, and other items.

My house was cluttered and i hated it. I couldn’t find anything. Before I decided to get rid of the clutter in my home, I brought in a small basket and left it on the kitchen counter. My husband was suppose to put his keys, wallet, cell phone, and everything else that was important into the basket.

Well this worked for a few days until one day when we were about to leave, he couldn’t find his keys, wallet, or cell phone. I asked him where they were and he said that they are in the basket. I laughed and told him to get it out of the basket. He sat there for a minute with this puppy dog face and said that he misplaced the basket with everything in it.

From that day forward, I learned that it is wise to get rid of the clutter so that you can see things more clearly. My home is ten times better now that the clutter is gone.

I plan to talk more about this in the near future and want to get your view on it. What is it that you do to get rid of the clutter in your home?

I am doing a lot of research on different tips to help you to de-clutter your home but want to hear from you first. Keep updated so you don’t miss out on this one. Technorati Tags: 


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