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Why you should blog 4 Money

I love blogging for money and it gives me a way to make extra money while I am sitting on my tush in front of the computer.

Why should you do it?

Well, if you are like me then you probably need an extra way to substitute your income or your kid’s need a new pair of shoes. I have fun blogging.

For some, the money is not the best in the world but it will get you from A to Z. I sometimes make enough to do more than support myself and at other times I become lazy and don’t want to do anything but lay around in my pajamas all morning and afternoon.

So, how do I make enough to support myself. I blog and blog often. You probably won’t make a fortune and I wouldn’t quite my job until I new that this was something that would support me.

I am not like a lot of people though. I am eager to learn and to make the money that I need. I also have other means of support. I have my husband. I don’t need him though, only for those times when I don’t feel like doing anything.

I also own a lot of blogs. I have a problem with not updating them like I should though and this can be a big no-no. If you want to keep your readers reading, blog frequently.

I also learned that if you are trying to make money with affiliate’s such as Google adsense, start a blog that people are going to be interested in and will click on your ads. For instance, I started a blog on Cosmetic Surgery. I haven’t gotten a lot of traffic and the blog is new but the traffic that I did get, clicked on the ads. I never new that cosmetic surgery was a profit maker.

I have seen people start blogs about their pets and make money off of it.

The most popular type of blog that I have seen is one on how to make money online. I would not chose this method of blogging for various reasons. It is way to popular and too many bloggers are doing it. Most bloggers that go to making money blogs, won’t usually click on the ads or they are just to use to seeing them that it doesn’t faze them on bit. I do have a blog on making money and it does get a lot of traffic but the traffic isn’t what I need it to be. I mainly use that blog to do things like sponsored post and affiliate programs. I do get some referrals but not many by doing this.

If you are looking to get referrals, blog about it. I don’t mean for you to start a blog about it. I add a lot of my affiliate links into my post so that it doesn’t look sleazy and I still get referrals.

Blogging for money, is only as hard as you make it. The thing to do is stay persistent with your blog and you can do it.


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