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Write what you know, are you kidding me?

In the beginning of my writing career, I was told to write what I knew to get me started in this magnificent journey into the writing world. I hated what I knew and kept thinking, why would I want to write about the tragedies of life and the diseases that conquered a lot of lives. I did not want to write what I knew, I wanted to explore the into the world and learn something new everyday that I am alive.

What did I do? I researched on everything that I found interesting. This gave me a chance to become wiser and to write about it. I didn’t just research a few things; I researched as much as possible. I read a book on what it takes to become a Private Investigator and wrote over a dozen articles on it. Some where published and others weren’t but I got to learn about something that I was curious about. Does this make me an expert on the subject? No, not even close but I do know a lot about it now and all it took was a little bit of exploring.

If you want to write what you know, go for it but why would you when the world is filled full of wonderful adventures and places that we all want to go but have been too scared because we don’t know anything about it.

I am what is known as a self taught writer. I still teach myself something new about writing everyday and on my way to writing a bigger better article, I didn’t write just what I knew, I wrote about what I wanted to know.


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