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I discovered ways to make my cell phone bill cheaper so that I wouldn’t be scared to look at my bill every time it came in the mail. I made a few changes to my plan and the way that I use my cell phone, I lowered my bill drastically and you can too.

Try taking advantage of those free calls that you can get after a certain hour. I use this method a lot. I signed up for a plan that would allow me to get free calls after seven p.m. I know hold off on all of my long calls until after seven. This has saved me a lot of money.

I got most of my friends and co-workers to sign up for the same plan. If you get free mobile to mobile calls and you can persuade your co-workers to get on the same plan, then this would be the right thing to do.

I also chose a plan that would allow me to have the right amount of minutes. You don’t have to purchase a lot of minutes, just enough to keep you from going over your minutes. If you purchase too few of minutes, you can cause your cell phone bill to go up with overage charges. You don’t want this to happen. I usually take a look at all of my minutes that I have used within the passed six months, if I have gone over my minutes a lot then I know that it is time to upgrade to a larger package.

Roll over minutes are also a great thing to have in a cell phone company. When they offer roll over minutes, you can save your minutes until that important meeting or emergency that you know will take up a lot of your minutes. I always save up my roll over minutes for this purpose.

A lot of cell phone providers are now offering free calls to anyone that you choose, this can come in handy if you are always calling your boss or mom but they aren’t on the same plan as you. This lets you choose numbers that you use a lot and add them to your list of numbers that you can call for free.

If you can find the right cell phone provider or at least take advantage of all the benefits that yours might have to offer, you can learn to save a lot on your cell phone bill.

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