Need to Recover Old Blog Post?

Here is something I had not done in a while; I lost my entire blog. As many know, I have Hemiplegic Migraines. These are some of the ugliest migraines a person can have. They affect my entire body and keep me bedridden for days, weeks, and even months.

During these migraines, I lose track of time. This is my third time losing my blog while being sick due to non-payment (it was actually an error in the billing department that didn’t let it go through). A friend told me about the WayBackMachine and how I could recover many of my articles and post. I could recover them back to 2007 when I first began my online writing career, but placing them all on this website has been a daunting task.

I could also recover my articles I’d written for Associated Content and Yahoo! Some content is no longer relevant for today, but I’m glad I have it, and I’m glad I could post them all back up. My problem was that the categories no longer fit in my niche on writing. What I will eventually do is move all the older posts into a separate category instead of having several categories for it. I don’t enjoy going to cluttered blogs, and this one looks cluttered.

I wasn’t able to save my old comments, which I am sad over, but I am glad I could recover most of the articles. I have been posting old article for almost a week now. There are over a thousand of them, and I am in the middle of writing another book.

If you are a writer with migraines like mine, and you fret about losing your content, check out the Waybackmachine. It is a lifesaver.

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