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I love technorati and you should too. It is a way for you to keep all of your favorite blogs in one section. I still subscribe to a lot of blogs but I also favorite them in technorati if they are worth favorting.

So, here is the question that a lot of people have on their mind, how do I get more people to favorite me?

Simple, ask them too or ask them to return the favore. I received a lot of my old technorati favoritism on my other blog by swapping technorati favorites.

How is this going to help you? I discovered that the more people who favorite you, the more readers you will get.

You see, technorati has a way of pinging and when you sign into your technorati account, it pulls up the latest post from your favorites category. If you have something worth reading, they are going to click on it. Pretty easy huh?

The next time  that you are out and about, ask someone to swap technorati favorites with you.

I will be starting a technorati favorites exchange within the month so look forward to this.


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